Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco
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  • Motivational/Inspirational Speaker
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What are you made of?
That’s the question that helps me push through the tough times, and the question that leads me to even higher levels of success and satisfaction when things are going well. It’s a challenge – from myself to myself. It’s the ultimate accountability. Members of my teams will tell you, I routinely ask it of them as well. I’ve used “What are you made of” as a motivational tactic to grow our branch, our team, and our business. It helps me know my people and build them up. Yeah, we’re in the mortgage industry, but one thing you realize when you get to a certain point as a manager is that we’re really in the people-building business. Through 15 years in the mortgage business asking myself this question it has evolved to become even more than a question. It’s a tool; it helps me and those around me excel at individual tasks. Over time this question has made me a stronger, wiser, more complete person.
Signature Talk
It all goes back to when I was an 11-year-old boy. That was the first time I asked myself that question.
It was right after the guy I thought was the most powerful man in the universe pulled out that wad of cash, peeled off a hundred dollar bill, crumpled it up, threw it at me and said, "Here, you'll need this when you are living on the streets with your mother!"
I never knew my parents together. And like a lot of boys, my dad was my hero – until that day. Three years after begging to live with him instead of my mom. But after those three years of physical and emotional abuse, I asked myself, “What are you made of, Mikey?” And, like the poet Robert Frost said, taking that road I had never been down before has made all the difference in my life.
I don’t say these things to tear my dad down. That was just such a crucial moment for me. It lit a fire under me that hasn’t gone out yet. I refused to play the victim any longer, and I was literally a different person after that day than I was before. It’s concrete proof, I believe, of the capacity we all have to make a better life for ourselves by sheer force of will.
I’d like to show you three ways you can pivot from the things that are holding you back to a whole new mindset. I’m available to speak on topics including, but not limited to: marketing, professional inspiration and motivation, social media, the real estate and mortgage industries, interpersonal relationships and management.
About Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco
C-Roc is a motivator, facilitator, dynamic public speaker and a fierce friend and coach. At his core, he’s a grinder – just a guy who had a fire lit in his belly at an early age. That fire has led him to inspire others to see the greatness inside of themselves using past life events to fuel their fire.
Mike is a manager at Nations Lending, a residential mortgage company. He and his three best friends have built one of the most profitable divisions within Nations Lending from the ground up, assisting home buyers finance the purchase of their dream homes.
His passion is truly helping others. Whether it’s his employees, partners, real estate agents, or anyone else looking to better their business, personal life, or mental game, C-Roc always is up for the challenge.
He has spoken in front of thousands of real estate agents, showing them how to grow their business not only via traditional marketing methods, but also by using outside-the-box digital and social media marketing. He dives deep into his past during these talks to show how you can feed off good and bad experiences. His forthcoming book is titled, “What Are You Made Of?”
C-Roc lives in Ocean City, MD with his wife Jennifer and their two children, Nicolas and Sophia.
“I attended a Mike C-Roc seminar and can't say enough how much I got from the content and from him personally as a speaker. The content alone was extremely valuable, and I plan to have him back as a speaker for my real estate team in the near future. Not only did his seminar help us grow our business but it also changed me personally! I've always had a growth mindset, but Mike's energy and philosophies take it to another level. Can't thank him enough for all he does for us and our team!!”
- Donna Harrington Coldwell Banker Salisbury

“I attended a class on maximizing my database instructed by Mike Ciorrocco of Nations Lending earlier this year. Mike is dynamic in sharing his experience and tips with others to help them succeed. During the class, Mike was enthusiastic, engaged the audience, and offered useful, hands-on, practical advice for marketing my real estate business. With tools such as recommended schedules for frequency of communication to prospects and clients to scripts for handling the challenging tasks of cold-calling and staying in touch, the information was timely and valuable. If you're a real estate professional looking to expand your business and if you need some motivation to stay focused on your goals, I highly recommend attending one of his workshops.”
- Tammy Medlock - Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Ocean City