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Helping People & Businesses Demonstrate Their True Value with Henry Kaminski, Jr.

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Henry Kaminski, Jr., known as The Brand Doctor, is the Founder and CEO of Unique Designz. A successful graphic designer and digital marketing mogul, he currently hosts the popular show called “The Brand Doctor”. Henry is on a mission to mobilize people and brands by helping them demonstrate their true value to the world.

In this episode, we talked about:
How his parents tried 16 years to conceive
How he was rushed to the hospital when he was two years old because of poor nutrition leading to hyponatremia (having a low sodium concentration in the blood)
How he admired the persistence of his parents to have him and raise him
How these early realizations drive him today and his business
How he almost lost his business twice in the last 13 years due to poor financial decisions and mindset
How he worked as an Assistant Director for the Children’s Hospital in the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Center
How he discovered his interest in graphic designing and hustled as a one-man band graphic designer before scaling his business
How he struggled with family issues as he started to see success in his business
How he is passionate about helping world-changers

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